Consultations Process.

Happy to Help.

The consultation can be carried out either face-to-face in Bolton or before or on the day of the treatment session. Alternatively, an online video consultation can be completed, which may support self esteem being with your family in a home environment. The first step of the consultation is to ensure you are comfortable, at ease, understand the process fully and we both agree that SMP is the right choice for you.

A full explanation about what the treatment is and the results you can expect will be formed from the Norwood Scale (see below) to discuss and determine how many appointments will be required. I will explain and carry out an allergy test if you are happy to proceed and feeling confident.


I will take you through the care that you will receive before, during and after the treatment. This will include all scenarios and how we achieve the ultimate look.

You will be asked to sign a consent form that covers a series of health questions, information regarding the state of your health, any medication you are taking, if you have made any implants and if you have any scars.

We also cover any treatment medication you are taking for hair loss, the colour of your skin and your scalp. I will ask for consent to take photographs at each stage of the treatment. These will be used to create your in-depth personal file.

This will also help me to show you each stage of the process and progress throughout the treatment. The photographs will be filed and stored in a highly confidential manner and will only be used for marketing purposes with your consent.

Price Plan.

I will discuss your individual estimated cost once I know all your needs.

In addition to this, I will have special discount programmes who would like to participate in sharing their experience and leaving positive feedback.

No treatment will commence until both you and I are fully satisfied with your individual specific treatment pathway.